Friday, January 18, 2008

"Video games have hurt far more people than they have helped"

This time it's a quote from Jack Thompson, in the Daily Mail newspaper.

The major problem with making an assertion such as this is that it is essentially impossible to prove either way.

The secondary problem is, how does one define 'hurt' and 'helped' objectively? If I play Tetris for a 5 minutes a day and develop Repetitive Strain Injury after a week - does that count? Plus - just how dangerous are video games? Googling "sports ~injuries" returns 21m results compared with 5.8m results for "video game ~injuries" - if anything more people playing video games means less getting injured playing sports. How would you even begin to assess any positive impact video games have?

Luckily it's not my problem as I didn't make a statement in public which is impossible (allegedly) to verify.

  1. Any research or papers which address the issue of how to define and measure the terms 'hurt' and 'helped'
  2. Any research or papers which determine that video games 'hurt' more than they 'help'
Jack Thompson (Jan 18th 2008):
"I was never interviewed by the paper. I never said that, and I would never
say that. It is a total fabrication, and I have complained to the paper
about it."

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